UnicLine S

A functional, beautiful and simple Nordic design. Now also in Black Edition.

Our aim with UnicLine S has been to create a beautiful, functional dental treatment unit with a Nordic design and in solid materials, such as aluminium and glass, which at the same time generates a comfortable and relaxed framework for both the patient and the dentist. Lighting has also been an extremely important element in our work on this dental treatment center, e.g. the dentist and dental assistant are able to see the active instrument from the corner of their eyes and thereby they are able to stay focused on the patient’s mouth without having to look round. Thomas Steen Nielsen, DENTAL APPLIANCE MANUFACTURING LTD UnicLine S is an extraordinary dental chair in every aspect.

Unicline S Black Edition

We are pleased to introduce you to the UnicLine S Black Edition. The Black Edition has become very popular with the Dent+ models, and we have decided to also introduce this option for the UnicLine S as well as the UnicLine S Pillar. The black glass surface adds another dimension to the design aspect of one of the most popular dental units in Europe.

Choose between surface in either black or white tempered glass

iOptima integration on UnicLine S

The iOptima effortlessly takes the pole position for the future of electric power dentistry and it is now available as an integrated option on UnicLine S.

The iOptima application offers numerous preprogrammed and customizable options for restorative and endodontic procedures and is controlled with the user-friendly interface of an Apple iPad mini or iPod touch.

iOptima can be supplied with new orders for UnicLine S, including a pre-programmed iPod touch and iPod holder. iOptima also works with iPad mini.

iOptima also enables the innovative WaveOne Gold and RECIPROC reciprocating modes as an optional extra feature.

The cup holder can be mounted on the tray. It holds a standard single-use plastic cup and can e.g. be used by the dentist for wet material or waste. It is a flexible solution which can be moved and placed anywhere on the tray.

The instrument hanger can be placed on the wide side of the single tray, or any side of the double tray. It provides space for hanging hand instruments during treatment.

It is possible to mount both cup holder and instrument hanger in conjunction and combine them as required.

The perfect synergy between Alya’s high quality of light and the excellent performance of the video camera, make AlyaCam the ideal LED dental lamp to work with precision and maximum comfort every day. Alya Cam has been Designed specifically for the dental sector by a team of dentists.

The FARO ALYA CAM is available with the UnicLine S design arm, matching the beautiful functional design of this popular dental treatment center.


The patient’s chair will be supplied with Comfort Shape upholstery (view image) as standard. The upholstery is similar to our current super soft, but has a carved bowl shape in the seat and back rest, to allow the patient a more comfortable and stable seating.

In addition, we now also offer Comfort Memory, a new premium upholstery, with memory foam, which feels very soft in comparison with our current upholsteries.

Please note that Comfort Memory is manufactured with stitches in the side of the upholstery.