We create modular solutions for your needs

At Dent, we have the size to listen and the agility to deliver solutions based on the individual practice and your wishes. Our units are modular, which means that you are free to choose the solution that best suits your specific work needs.

We believe that full freedom of choice gives you the opportunity to put together the best work tool for your everyday life in the clinic.

The dental treatment center is the core of your workspace. Therefore, our units are, for example, smaller than average, which gives you greater freedom to set up your clinic optimally and ergonomically correct – and at the same time place more units on fewer square meters for the benefit of the business.

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Dent S+

Dent G+

Dent UnicLine S

Dent UnicLine S Pillar


Dent UnicLine 5D

Dent UnicLine Mobile

Dent UnicLine Patient’s chair