Comfortable Chair

A relaxed patient creates ideal working conditions for the dentist.

For this reason we have created a treatment centre that is comfortable for both the patient and dentist.

It is a dream to sit on, whilst the dentist has the ideal working conditions, regardless of whether they are standing or sitting. The feel of the patient’s chair, and the choice of materials and colours complement UNIC’s clear, clean lines and simple design.

DENTAL APPLIANCE MANUFACTURING LTD’s patient chair offers a number of benefits to the dentist:

The backrest is narrow at the top, so that both the dentist and assistant can get close to the patient’s head, and sit ergonomically correct. In addition, the backrest is thin so there is plenty of space for the legs.

Individual placement of up to three joysticks enables the dentist and the assistant to maintain ideal working postures.

The patient chair can be raised very high. It provides good opportunities for working in upright position – also for tall dentists.

At the same time we have remained focused on the functionality of the chair and in particular its easy adjustment by means of a foot pedal or the electronic control panel on the instrument table.


In the future, the patient’s chair will be supplied with Comfort Shape upholstery (view image) as standard. The upholstery is similar to our current super soft, but has a carved bowl shape in the seat and back rest, to allow the patient a more comfortable and stable seating.

In addition, we now also offer Comfort Memory, a new premium upholstery, with memory foam, which feels very soft in comparison with our current upholsteries.

Please note that Comfort Memory is manufactured with stitches in the side of the upholstery.

Stable position

The double articulating neck rest improves patient positioning and is suitable for both adults and children.

The length and angle of the neck rest are adjustable to accommodate the patient. The height is adjustable to the level the patient finds comfortable.

For tall patients with a forward-curving cervical spine, the neck rest should be set rather high.

One or two arm rests

The patient’s chair can be delivered with one or two armrests.

Patienten sits comfortably

The compensating movements of the backrest and seat, as well as the integrated elbow support, ensure that the patient sits comfortably during the whole treatment.

Choice of colours

The patient’s chair is available in 18 standard colours, however, it is possible to deliver the chair in special colors to match the colors of the interior of the clinic.

Contact your authorized distributor for further information on possibilities and prices.