Nordic DNA – designed for you

Designing and manufacturing dental care units is in our DNA. We are specialists in dental care units – it is what we do, and we are proud of it. And it is humbling to recognise the vital role our equipment plays in your practice every day. DENTAL APPLIANCE MANUFACTURING LTD strive to create security and comfort for you, your team and your patients. This is all reflected in our design, where the clinical aspect is more muted by creating a stylish piece of furniture. This is evident also in the design of our most recent dental care units the Dent S+ and Dent G+ with thier clean lines and glass surfaces featuring an integrated display. Every DENTAL APPLIANCE MANUFACTURING LTD care unit is individually manufactured to suit you and your team’s unique preferences and requirements. This gives you optimal opportunity for simple and ergonomic work. We design and produce Dental treatment centers for dentists throughout most of the world, and today DENTAL APPLIANCE MANUFACTURING LTD is the leading supplier of dental treatment centers to Scandinavia. Our company is based on core values, dating back to the introduction of the first treatment center in the early 1980s. DENTAL APPLIANCE MANUFACTURING LTD distinguished itself from its competitors by focusing on high quality, design, reliability and ergonomics. The first dental treatment center was created in aluminum, at a time when the tendency went against using plastic. The development of our treatment centers took place – both then and now – in collaboration with dentists, to support the most ergonomic workflow. Design, quality and durability are still prevalent in DENTAL APPLIANCE MANUFACTURING LTDs culture, and we still do not compromise when it comes to selecting the best possible materials. In this way, we use our values ​​to create new value for our customers.

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New Dent S+

Nordic DNA – designed for you

New Dent G+

Carefully developed for you

UnicLine S Pillar

New space saving pillar unit

UnicLine S

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