Dent S+ Console top

We love our work and go all the way to give you the perfect product. We have spent time on every detail of Dent S+ because we know you will want to enjoy it for many years to come.

For example, the delivery tray and the top of the console is CNC machined from an entire piece of aluminium and then mounted with a glass plate.

This provides the most hygienic surface available while also integrating the display and keys. This is more expensive and difficult, but we believe it is essential for the overall experience.

The functions you use most often are located on the glass top of the console and delivery tray. We have focused on only showing the relevant functions depending on the treatment situation, so that you have an overview at a glance. The functions you can use are positioning of the patient’s chair, automatic suction cleaning, automatic/manual glass filling and rinsing of spittoon bowls. There is also the option of changing the flow of fluid with sterile water systems.

For your safety, we have added information to the delivery tray display, which quickly and easily tells you if the dental care unit needs your help.