Dent S+ ergonomics

Overview of the ergonomics on Dent S+

Delivery tray

The narrow design of the delivery tray is one of the most important prerequisites for achieving the most ergonomic working positions around the patient without unnecessary lifting of the elbow and shoulders.

The balance suspension is a key element in supporting an ergonomic workflow. Each instrument is individually calibrated, where the spring accurately neutralises the weight of the instrument at the patient’s mouth – without pulling back. This helps the Dent S+ to carry the instrument without impeding your freedom of movement.

As a result, you can work with high precision, with minimal strain on your wrist and forearm.

Patient chair

You have ideal working conditions, whether you are sitting or standing, which is important because you can feel when you have the right position for both your body and your work. At the same time, the thin and narrow back allows you to adopt the best position close to the patient during treatment.

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Our advanced motor control makes it possible to control all parameters such as torque, direction of rotation, speed of rotation as well as chip blow, spray selection, sterile water flow and functions such as Auto Reverse and Auto Forward.

To make it easy and precise to achieve the desired speed, you can set min / max in the working range for which you wish to adjust the speed within via the foot control. In this way you can ensure that you e.g., will not exceed the maximum rate of ongoing treatment.

Via the touch display and keys on the dashboard you can change or adjust the current settings