Dent G+ assistentant unit

The physical shape and size of the assistant unit is the most important factor in placing the element in a position where you sit ergonomically and avoid twisting your back. The smaller the better.

A large assistant unit will always restrict you from being able to position it correctly in relation to the treatment and your body. We have therefore worked to make the assistant unit very small and flexible, so that it provides the best positioning in all treatment situations, both sitting and standing, without straining your body during treatment

Solutions you will love

In situations where you need to stop the large suction unit, we have placed a footswitch that stops it with light pressure without you having to place the suction unit in the assistant element. A solution that eliminates unnecessary twisting of your back during treatment.

The assistant unit is placed on a flexible telescopic arm, which ensures the best position with both 2- and 4-handed treatments. At the same time, switching between right-left dental treatment takes just a few seconds without the use of tools by placing the telescopic arm on the patient’s chair. This gives you great flexibility in choosing a treatment room during a busy working day.